First week home

I came home May 27, 2020, from doing 3 and 1/2 years in prison. The very next day, I grab my old laptop and buy a domain. The first domain I bought was What shocked me the most was that it was available. Indulta is a Spanish word, and it translates into pardon, clemency, and reprieve. I’m happy that it was available.

I didn’t come up with this name. The domain name came to me in my sleep while incarcerated. I wrote it down and paid no mind to it. However, a few days later, I watched lock up abroad, and a woman had received “indulta. I knew it was a sign.

I’m in the height of a pandemic, labeled a felon, on parole, GPS tether, no job prospects, no driver’s license, no bridge card, no insurance, couple hundred bucks, and these are the odds against me? This is easy. Lol, let’s do it.

I applied for my Drivers License, bridge card, and health insurance this week. I believe these are all the benefits a person is entitled to when they leave prison. Everything else, you’re on your own.

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