Facebook “META”

My thoughts on META are that Facebook needs hardware to compete with Apple and Android. FB knows better than to try to launch a phone. They would be crushed. Why does FB need hardware to compete? Simple, Apple and Android have too much power over FB. It’s telling FB what it can and cannot do. FB is at their mercy. FB can silently creep up and try to unseat Apple and Android by launching META and improving Oculus further. Right now, Oculus isn’t a real threat to the two giants. Bewarned, the boy will turn into a man one day.

Why can you only use a FB account for Oculus? To keep Gmail and iCloud away from knowing what emails FB is sending, how many sign-ups for Oculus, who are signing up for Oculus, etc.

FB is dead serious about META. At first, I thought it was a ploy to get people talking about META, not about privacy issues. However, I see the real reason why.

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